So it begins…

¡Hola! My name is Cassie Sharp, and this blog is going to give you a glimpse into the many adventures that I will have during my time International Student Teaching in Barcelona, Spain. As part of my requirements for International Student Teaching I am supposed to blog about different experiences, what I am learning, and how my time abroad has been. I have named this blog “Learning More than I’m Teaching,” because if there is anything that I have learned about education in the past 3.5 years it is that teachers are learners. Teachers are always learning about new ways to teach, new theories, new curriculum, and learning how to best teach new students in new environments. I have been blessed with the opportunity to teach in Barcelona for three weeks. Although I have never been out of the country, and I have certainly never experienced like what is about to happen; I am very excited about what is to come, and everything that I am going to learn during my time abroad. I hope that you all enjoy reading about my experiences as much as I will have during them!



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